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issue 44 - June/July 2018
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A Quest for Discovery and a Love of Creation Drives the Work of Philipp Aduatz

This year, Philipp Aduatz and Austrian start up design firm incremental3d announced the latest edition of Ventura Future at Milan Design Week 2018. The two firms teamed up for a group exhibition to show innovative and experimental applications of construction materials in product design. Included in the works on display were the Gradient Tiles Chair and the Cloud Chair by Philipp Aduatz as well as projects designed and produced by incremental3d. A highlight of the exhibition was a 3D printed concrete chaise designed by Philipp Aduatz and developed in collaboration with incremental3d. Here we talk to Aduatz about his approach to design.

Tell us about yourself.
From my education I'm a product designer but my work is based at an interface between design and art. Therefore, I only produce experimental and unique objects. With these objects I'm trying to work with innovative materials and fabrication technologies, I think I'm very heavily influenced by scientific matters such as chemistry, physics and material technologies on one hand, on the other hand, I admire the work of sculptors such as Richard Serra, Hans Arp, Tony Cragg or Constantin Brancusi. With my work I try to explore the limits of design and where sculpture begins.

How would you define your designs and products?
I would define my objects as usable, or functional, sculptures. My design style is sculptural, but also experimental. I have a scientific interest in materials and their application in design.

Your experimental projects, what are they and how different is each?
With my material experiments I'm trying to explore as many different materials and technologies as I can. I don't prefer any special group of materials, I think there are no "good" or "bad" materials, only good or bad applications for them. Therefore, I would like to explore all the materials available to me in the future and not limit my selection.

You work with innovative materials and technologies, tell us about this and what material is next for you?
I'm most interested in materials I have not used yet: glass, steel, aluminum, ceramics or stone. There is a lot of development in Nano materials and smart materials as well, which is interesting to me. I also would like to experiment more with recycled materials and bio polymers. Composite and hybrid materials are also a very interesting and promising material group.

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