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issue 44 - June/July 2018
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2018
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A Pharmacy for the Modern Age

Retailers have begun to understand the necessity of transforming businesses so that online and physical stores work as one. Pharmacies in particular are beginning to take advantage of this, with Medly being among the first in New York to do embrace the merits of both online and physical retail. But a successful online business needs a physical counterpart and and Medly was designed with this in mind.

Being the first location in a series of pharmacies, the design team knew that the space needed to look beautiful. The design is both playful and elegant; a buffed custommade cement counter with clean geometric tiles acts as part of a light aqua color scheme. The pharmacy consists of two rooms; a cozy waiting room where customers collect prescriptions, and a much larger space out the back, where the administration and prescription work are done.

The waiting room is comfortably sized and provides an escape from the busy city streets outside. The four seater chairs, in green vinyl leather and chrome, are a tribute to Shiro Kuramata, one of Japan's most important designers of the 1980's. As community is a key value of Medly Pharmacy, the design was tailored to include this.

The nature of the small space means that customers will instinctively connect with each other and with the staff, unlike larger pharmacies that inadvertently separate people through high aisles and sheer size.

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