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issue 44 - June/July 2018
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A Taiwanese Home with a Natural Approach

This beautiful, flowing home is found in Taichung, Taiwan and was designed by Very Studio | Che Wang Architects. The apartment was typical of Taiwanese housing developments and was in need of a redesign to create an engaging, contemporary living space. The original design and interior layout did not aid in the circulation of either people, light or air as much of the public space was divided and broken up by the layout of the rooms. Only the southern area of the home enjoyed any sort of opening to the outdoors and the overall design of the home was far from inspired.

As a result of the home's various shortcomings, the design team decided to take a new approach through the use of three design 'pillars': Flowing Space, Flowing Air and Sound Fields. These three strategies were conceived to create a sense of life and living through the application of contemporary design.

Flowing Space led to creation of a pentagon like plan for the interior spaces, where the home would become fluid and dynamic and the shared spaces would become open to all. Oblique walls delimit the space and simultaneously create an extension of sight and circulation where the light changes throughout the day, allowing for a natural appreciation of the changing time.

Flowing Air sought unify the new pentagonal space and create airflow and a sense of connection throughout the property. Openings along the north, west and the south sides were freed up, allowing not only air, but sunlight to filter naturally throughout the entire interior. The outside comes into the apartment through natural breezes, making for a cool, relaxed interior.

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