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issue 44 - June/July 2018
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Calm is the Key in a Bespoke Chinese Home

Most of the houses near this Chinese home are decorated in a luxurious style, however, after communicating with the owner, the team from AD Architecture decided upon an advanced and restrained design technique. With the origin of texture as the design concept, the team tried to convey the owner's desire for an original state of life through different textures, in order to help him return to a comfortable and natural living environment.

Black runs through each space, the calm and subtle atmosphere it creates soothes anxiety and enables people to slow down and relax while paying attention to their own needs. Black is mysterious and charming, its hidden strength gives people the courage to explore the unknown; a black wall is dignified and elegant, just like the indoor background of a stage, according to the designers.

The combination of black, grey and light creates a strong sense of drama. The center of this design is people, each space under the interior lighting reminds people to focus on the present moment. In this drama about home, the leading role is the taken by the owner. With the integration of white and wood, this calm space becomes a little bit more casual and free.

In the living room, the background of the sofa is made of hand crafted stone pieces, together with a leaf painting, creating a sense of originality and nature.

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