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issue 45 - August/September 2018
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2018
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A Restaurant for Kids Inspires Creativity

Chinese firm Wutopia Lab was commissioned by food and beverage firm Aranya to renovate part of a club house into a restaurant for kids. The overall aim was to create a 'Neverland' for kids in an area of less than 1,000 square meters. The team aimed to design a space that loses any distinct material texture and spatial orientation. Each area is unique in terms of size and texture, the result of which is to encourage visitors to relax and experience the space.

The team used a polycarbonate material in combination with light to create an experience of full of bubbles, colorless and transparent, that reflect the colors of the rainbow in an area called "One Person's Gallery". The bubbles are fleeting and unpredictable, but kids love them. Polycarbonate panels were wrapped around the exterior, creating a new translucent facade.

The team added vertical greening and large staircases between the old and new facades creating an entirely new face for the building. Under the soft rays from the ceiling lights, a matte PVC pipe encloses a circular dining hall and two private dining rooms surrounded by polycarbonate panels. Circular, diffuse lighting and white tones make visitors lose their sense of texture, scale, and direction.

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