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issue 45 - August/September 2018
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Simple Clothes Hangers Become Jobs of Design and the Contemporary World

These stunning clothes hangers are the work of Georgian design firm XYZ Integrated Architecture. Seemingly delicate, these beautiful pieces add a sense of style to your wardrobe.

Fun, funky, certainly unique, XYZ just reinvented that most basic, most understated, of fashion accessories. Made from stainless steel, each piece in this series is unique and handcrafted. Delicate, intricate, they add more than a little glamour to a thoroughly mundane item.

According to the designers at XYZ, the process was all about modernity and contemporary design. "Every product has its shape and content. The era defines how we interpret the relationship between the shape and content of an artifact depending on whether it's an ancient or modern one. They reflect two essentially different worldviews regarding the perception of things. In the ancient epoch the shape and function of a thing were meant to be inseparable, while the modernity allows to the shape of a product to not conform with its content any more. In the first case when looking at a product you always recognize its function, while in the second one the shape of a product can detach from its content so much, that you may not really recognize what you are dealing with," said the design team.

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