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issue 45 - August/September 2018
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2018


by Sanna Volker

Designed to explore the relationship between human senses and the elements, each piece in this wonderful collection is paired with a human sense. How do we perceive a specific element using only one of our senses, and which element do we perceive with which sense? Element is a side table in solid ash that plays with angles and perspectives. Discover the carved detail inspired by the shape and surface left on trees chewed on by beavers.

By referring to the touch of trees and the warmth of wood, the piece aims to encourage touch and curiosity. With 'Nostalgia' fond memories awaken or new ones are created. Two geometric candle sticks become scent diffusers, one uses volcanic rock combined with essential heat oil, the other uses water and dried herbs or leaves. The Momento Water Clock is a study of acoustics and materials. Through listening to the drops of water the clock aims to offer a disconnection from your daily routine and a minute of tranquility and presence.

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