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issue 45 - August/September 2018
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2018
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Contemporary Arabesque from ID Beirut

Designed by ID Beirut's Jean Bou Doumit, a new reference restaurant in the Lebanese city of Tyre, named Marjouha, transforms traditional Arab design into a contemporary space. Jean Doumit is the architect and interior designer behind ID Beirut. Bou Doumit sees design as a reunion of architecture, arts and human psychology, a space where a client's dreams can be turned into reality. Bou Doumit's designs work with his clients and have resulted in wonderful projects from private residences, public spaces and hospitality venues.

Marjouha means 'swings' in Arabic and the Bou Doumit's design includes swing like detailing in the project's outdoor spaces. A huge pale structure features Middle Eastern accents and hints at the architectural heritage of the region while linking it clearly and cleanly to contemporary design. These Arabesque elements connect Marjouha with both the past and present and the restaurant's cultural heritage is clear to see. The lacy, shadowy elements of the Arabesque accents create a calming, soothing environment in which to enjoy fantastic food.

Huge glass facades amplify the size of the interior and a high ceiling creates a sense of space. A diwan court brings the interior and exterior spaces together as does a sizable roof terrace. Spread over three floors, the restaurant is spacious and free, while the roof terrace adds a certain element of escapism and al fresco dining options. Surrounded by the sea, the outdoors is never far away.

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