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issue 45 - August/September 2018
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Blurring the Boundaries Between Natural and Built Environments!

The Chameleon Villa is a residence located in the area of Buwit, a village in the lush interiors of the southwest coastal area of Bali. Constructed on an acre of land, overlooking a dense forest and a gentle river below, the villa sits on a steep contour that posed the challenge of how to create an architecture that truly connected with its surroundings and that integrated with the topography of the site. The design team worked on the idea of 'landscaped architecture', by blurring the boundaries between natural and built environments. As a result, the buildings appear to be a part of the land itself sometimes disappearing within it, and then at other times, emerging from it.

The buildings are situated on different levels of the land according to the contour lines in a way to take in the vantage points towards the river below and the surrounding forest. The buildings create in between outdoor areas and gardens which would otherwise be difficult to experience on land of such a steep pitch.

As per traditional Balinese architecture the different pavilions accommodate different functions and the communal spaces are kept open, whereas the bedrooms and other more private spaces such as the office, gym and media room can be closed off. Across from the property is an uninterrupted view of the forest from above the roof of the building below. Closer in, a deep slit in the land leads to the guest bedrooms which are positioned at a lower level.

The main building features rectangular volumes stacked on one another off axis as if they were resting on the land. The volumes are composed of an outer frame which holds and protects the inner space.

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