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issue 46 - October/November 2018
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Armenian Lebanese Artist Jean Boghossian Back in Lebanon

Armenian Lebanese artist Jean Boghossian is renowned for his fiery, smoke infused artworks. The flame becomes a symbol of passion, endurance and love, from both the artist and his Armenian people. These different influences make Jean Boghossian an artist particularly charged with drives, stimuli and a complex universal imagination. The variety found in his works and approach make him a fascinating study at a time when his works will be on show in Beirut.

"Inextinguishable Flame is a work both powerful and poetic. It depicts the flame that animates me and never leaves, nourished by my passion for art, which allows me to pursue my aesthetic researches endlessly", says Boghossian.

The flame also represents the passion and power of both the Armenian and Lebanese peoples, elements that inform their struggles against dangers of all kinds. After showing Inextinguishable Flame in Armenian and at the Venice Biennial, the works will shortly arrive in Lebanon. Boghossian's Lebanese experience promises to be slightly different, a new offering, unique to Lebanon, "Today I'm presenting in Beirut, in the L'Orient Le Jour building, a different exhibition than the ones in Venice and Armenia.

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