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issue 46 - October/November 2018
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Studio La Peche's Youthful Designs Capture The Imagination

Up and coming design studio Studio La Peche is capturing imaginations the world over thanks to their modern, striking take on design. Their Element collection is currently setting Instagram tounges wagging and the young Studio, based between England and France, seem set for exciting things. Thanks to a growing online presence, the Studio is spreading the news about their vibrant new designs. Here we talk to Paula Martinez, a Co Founder at Studio La Peche about her inspirations, her design process and her hopes for the future.

Tell us about studio la Peche, and the name!
Studio La Peche began as an outlet to collect and curate research. Merging furniture, interiors and object design to form a cohesive body of exploration via the platform of Instagram. Coming from arts and architecture backgrounds, La Peche works in the crossover of the two practices, drawing concepts and ideas from each. La Peche is very simply derived from peach, a favorite color of ours.

How would you define your line of furniture?
The first furniture collection grew out of a need to solidify our research into objects. The Element collection plays with simple shapes and forms to create simple yet signature designs.

You use special materials, colors and shapes, tell us more.
All of them play an important role and are intrinsic to one another, the shapes and colors are influenced by one another, the design develops out of a back and forth conversation between color, shape and material, nothing is predetermined.

How do you come up with designs? Take us through your journey.
The Studio is based on our own architectural and artistic background. We read quite a few books and design magazines. Our process is very research heavy, through both first hand and digital research. Frequenting art and design fairs, exhibitions and architectural landmarks is a key aspect of our process. We work by producing sketches under one concept, it is essential for us that the initial ideas come from hand drawings. The medium then is digitalized, working on model making and the technical details.

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