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issue 46 - October/November 2018
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2018
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Fantastic Food and Design in the Heart of Bucharest

Sardin, a new Mediterranean restaurant, and its "responsible kitchen" animates the Timpuri Noi area of Bucharest. With an overall background that makes the most of natural wood and concrete, the Corvin Christian's team of architects created a fantastic system that can only be described as architectural hoarding.

Within this Mediterranean restaurant, a variety of kitchen items jump out of conventional drawers and cabinets, landing on the walls amid items associated with parties and fun filled evenings. Lights become sumptuous chandeliers and the scene is set for a fantastic dining experience.

Sardin is a place of puzzles, of textures, colors and materials porcelain, glass, brass, wood and more make these auxiliary objects the main characters of the arrangement. Clients can choose their favorite corner or table according to their favorite chandelier: the translucent glass, the brass bracelet or the multicolored and delicate bouquet of teapots and cups, each and every one is different.

Since the opening, stories are being created under these lighting fixtures, and there is no doubt that the long, wooden tables inspire familiarity and communication.

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