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issue 46 - October/November 2018
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A Contemporary Meeting Space in Ghent

The XYZ Lounge is a place of intersection and exchange. As central point of meeting and discussion for the users of the Zebrastraat conference hall, in the center of Ghent, it questions the notions of friendliness and the physicality of today. Designed by Didier Faustino, the lounge offers a place that is both neutral and sensual, a place which is neither a social marker, nor a space of identity.

The architectural interior layout of the XYZ Lounge, a space with a surface area of 360m², aims at redefining the use and the volumes of the public spaces: entrance hall, central nave and bar, lateral rooms and mezzanine platforms leading to the conference halls and meeting rooms.

A made to measure metallic frame imposes a new outline for the space, supporting the walls and ceilings and the bespoke fixtures and fittings: stucco moldings, marble panels, textile ceilings, lighting surfaces and wood cladding. The lounge spreads out into three spaces from the entrance: an open space on the left hand side, for cocktails and evening parties with a DJ including a projection screen, an adjoining bar below the central nave and a smaller open space on the right hand side with an access to the terrace.

The furniture, designed specifically for the space, is composed of fixed elements made of marble including the counter, islands and suspension lights high tables and chairs varnished steel tubes, marble surfaces, leather seats and of a series of rotomolded seats in polypropylene.

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