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issue 46 - October/November 2018
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Nature and Fun in a Sao Paulo Home

Triart is one of Brazil's most exciting architectural firms, as this home shows. The Sao Paulo residence of a filmmaker, its light spaces, modern interior pieces and original appeal all speak to a flair for design. Triart's architects, Andre Bacalov, Kika Mattos and Marcela Penteado, worked together for David Bastos Office for some time. In 2015 they decided to open their own practice and the same year they completed the first project from Triart Arquitetura. Since then, the office has done projects in Brazil and has participated in trade shows such as CASACOR, Modernos e Eternos and Casa Pronta.

The various white spaces and shades of light gray paint were used to bring a sense of space and light to the apartment, going along with the idea of a modern home which was reinforced through using carpets, modern furniture and neutral colors that brought up the ideal combination. The rooms also feature concrete beams that merge with the existing marble.

Triart thinks outside of the box in regards of any project, trying to blend the designers' ideas of architecture and decoration and design with the needs and desires of the client to create a final outcome that surpasses all expectations. In this case, the filmmaker highlighted the importance of light to make the space closer to nature, the use of work of artworks that he already had, to amplify the space was an important consideration, too. Finally, he wanted a place to be comfortable and calm, but one that was stylish and modern with a sense of home.

For the client, it was important to focus on his art and personality as a guide to a great match for the decoration of the space. The team followed his requests, adding a little 'Triart touch' that has resulted in a modern, but cozy space replete with soft colors and lots of nature in the middle of the chaotic city that is Sao Paulo.

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