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issue 47 - December/January 2019
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Wim Delvoye's Interesting Take on Society and Life Result in Remarkable Creations

Belgian neo conceptual artist Wim Delvoye is widely known for contemporary art that cleverly combines philosophical ideas, a fresh use of materials and a love for craftsmanship. Blurring the boundary between the art of the past and the digital realm of current art practice, he makes aerodynamic, mathematically perfect, intricate sculptures that take both art and design to new levels of invention, laying down a lucid and amused glance at contemporary society. He explores art history, Gothic cathedrals and sculptures of the 19th century from Bosch and Brueghel to Warhol, simultaneously revealing the beauty of daily objects. With a Baroque gesture between homage and irreverence, he appropriates and deforms the motifs that inspire him. Delvoye's latest pieces will be on show in Moscow's Gary Tatintsian Gallery until 9 February.

How would you describe your work?
I believe I walk a thin line between exploring artistic styles of the past and monumentality by highlighting the medieval Gothic, interpreting it with contemporary themes and industrial techniques, I aim to create a new form of contemporary architecture. The works made of a laser cut corten steel plates reproduce neo Gothic tracery and the ornaments on the works are not so much used as decorative quotations but as patterns of value and permanence in the modern era.

What inspired your Maserati sculpture?
It's my take on a new flying carpet. I acquired the body of a late 1950s' Maserati 450S and embossed the aluminum carapace with elaborate Middle Eastern designs. I recently added a new object to this assortment of assisted ready mades: an embossed automobiletailpipe, which within the context of this show comically seems as though it might have fallen off the car.

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