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issue 47 - December/January 2019
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Brazilian and Japanese Influences in Valencia

In the beginning of the twentieth century the first Japanese arrived in Brazil seeking to work in the country's coffee plantations. As the traditional Japanese diet was totally different to that which they found in Brazil, they were obliged to adapt to the local ingredients. Seeking their own flavors, a new nikkei Nipo Brazilian gastronomy flourished with a strong identity that, after more than a century and thanks to its unique flavors and fusions, is becoming famous the world over. Kaikaya, designed by Masquespacio, is the result of this history, as it celebrates the fusion of traditional and methodical Japan with the tropical and exotic, contemporary Brazil, themes carried through both its kitchen and its design.

Masquespacio is an award winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernandez Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the two disciplines of interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts rewarded with continued international recognition by media specialized in design, fashion and lifestyle trends. They have worked on projects in several countries including Norway, USA, France, Portugal, Germany and Spain. Kaikaya is located in a fantastic, iconic site with vaults, metallic beams and original bricks and the design team quickly decided to keep the existing elements on show, highlighting the beauty of imperfections left by time.

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