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issue 47 - December/January 2019
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An Idaho Home at One with its Surroundings

The Cliff House property consists of two pieces of property that are approximately seven acres each and sits on the Northeast side of Payette Lake. McCall Design & Planning (MDPI) wanted to take advantage of the variety of site conditions around the home; Payette Lake is towards the south and west with vast granite and dense forest to the north, east and south. The layout resulted in a faceted exterior surface that inspired wraparound views unique to each room. Landscaping was strategically planned to place the home seamlessly into the rock, with access paths from the house to the lake barely visible in some places.

Large expanses of triple pane and laminated glass, the neutral color palette and the natural elements used in the dÃęcor mean that the home blends with the exterior elements. The walls were finished with plaster to create a soft, mottled finish in contrast to the sharp lines of steel that punctuate the architecture. The design continued to evolve up to just a few months prior to completion, adding custom touches wherever needed. The master bedroom was envisioned with a low wood ceiling to provide a sense of privacy in contrast to the walls, which are composed almost entirely of glass on two sides. Perimeter uplighting gives the space a soft glow at night.Custom built in beds in the guest bedrooms helped create a unique look in each room and to save on space. Nearly all of the counters and vanities, made primarily of concrete, feature integrated sinks designed by the architect and design team along with the builder who made the custom concrete color samples, vanity molds and built them off site.

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