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issue 47 - December/January 2019
CURVE magazine cover December/January 2019


The Four Seasons Hotel in New York and its Incredible Art Collection

The Four Seasons Hotel in New York is a remarkable venue, of that there's no doubt. However, it's the hotel's art collection that really takes the breath away. Incredibly, the public can enjoy much of this stunning collection, that includes pieces by Edward Steichen, Susan Dwyer, M A Andrew and more, for free. With its incredible, asymmetrical lobby space, its second floor ballroom and meeting rooms and thoughtfully designed rooms (from singles all the way up), there's much to admire about the beautiful, welcoming Four Seasons Hotel in New York. However, here we're going to focus on the truly standout element of this world famous hotel: The art.

A great hotel is an arbiter of taste and sophistication which transcends trend and fashion. With this sentiment in mind, the Four Seasons has created a collection of art that synergizes with the design and simultaneously exudes a sense of timeless style. The hotel showcases artworks that will charge the senses and exceed the emotional and physical expectation of their client's ongoing journey, creating an art collection that demonstrates the hotel's passion in offering a rewarding experience beyond that of any other. With works by Ron Van Dongen, Daniel Brice, Marc Quinn, Bern Stern and more, the hotel's collection spans the lobby, the ballroom, the spa, the corridors and the suites. However, of all the hotel's offerings, it is the works on view in the lobby that represent the most intriguing, public viewing.

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