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issue 49 - April/May 2019
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A Unique Seafood Restaurant in Kiev

A new fish restaurant, Catch, is located in the heart of Kiev. The owners, La Famiglia, have brought together everything appreciated by true gourmets. Here you can find the most extensive selection of fish and seafood in the city, eight kinds of oysters, 150 types of champagne, and a large assortment of white wines more than 200 bottles. Named in honor of the dishes it serves, the restaurant was designed by Yodezeen Stuido, who were set an objective to create a high class, elegant restaurant.

To start with, the architects cleared the space in order to flood the interior with light. The old windows were replaced with a new thin profile facade, the inner balconies were completely removed and the interior ladder was relocated, thereby creating a vertical axis of space development. The restaurant was divided into two parts, with the main hall on the ground floor and the banquet hall on the first floor. It was decided to split the ground floor space into two zones, one contains the bar with a communal table and other the main dining room. The split was made with the help of three meter seafood showcase, wine racks, and refrigerators. Thanks to a large number of pendant lamps, mirrors and glossy surfaces, the space of the main hall is filled with light and reflections. In the daytime, Catch is intended more for business meetings, as the atmosphere here is stylish, but not too formal. In the evening, due to different lighting, the situation changes and the restaurant turns into a very romantic spot.

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