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issue 49 - April/May 2019
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Social Commentary, Personal Expression and Artistic Excellence at the Heart of a New Show

The Campana Brothers return to London for their first solo show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery to present Hybridism, a collection of 13 recent furniture objects and sculptures. Featuring materially complex works, Hybridism explores the Campana Brothers' sculptural experimentation and their foray into the artistic realm of personal expression and societal commentary. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Campana Brothers, Humberto and Fernando, view themselves as hybrids. Their studio, Estudio Campana, works in partnership with local communities, NGOs and factories to create pieces that celebrate the bright colors and rich textures of their native country.

Adopting an environmental ethos, the brothers utilise existing everyday materials, reinventing them in order to achieve simple solutions that do not compromise on their principles of aesthetic or design. The intuitively crafted collection combines animal forms, anthropomorphic shapes, and natural textures. Inspired by mythological stories, the Noah series channels the story of Noah's Ark and this starting point the origin of species also serves as an awakening of the need to preserve our animals, expressed through the form of surrealism.

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