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issue 49 - April/May 2019
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Suspension of Disbelief

Lebanese artist Ghazi Baker's Suspension of Disbelief exhibition at Mark Hachem Gallery in Beirut focuses on how we are able to suspend our disbelief at certain times and let our imaginations take over. The collection of around 20 paintings asks viewers to suspend their own beliefs for just a little while. Growing up, Ghazi Baker was amazed by what he saw in films, fascinated by the ability to pursuade the viewer to believe in a story line, from Superman to Star Wars and even romantic films. Later in life, this fascination turned into a philosophical pursuit, a journey of discovery and research to find what really makes the viewer accept the premise of a film.

Through his exhibition 'Suspension of Disbelief', Baker divides his work into two symbiotic elements, the transmitter and the receiver, the movie and the viewer and in the case of his paintings, the painted audience becomes the transmitter of the painting, attempting to introduce the viewer as a new entity willing to possibly suspend their disbelief while looking at the paintings, We, as human beings, want to believe in the fantastic, the surreal, the better and brighter.

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