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issue 49 - April/May 2019
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2019


by Jad El Khoury

Photos © Jad El Khoury Jad El Khoury is renowned for adding colorful doodles to several of Beirut's war scarred buildings and creating pieces which add a tangible sense of escapism to the city. 'My drive is to light up social/political subjects through public art installations. My latest projects are War Peace, 2015 17 and Burj El Hawa, 2018. I strongly believe that urban art interventions can make a change,' said El Khoury. After graduating with a degree in Interior Architecture from the Lebanese University, El Khoury's work artwork has been featured in numerous international magazines and a number of regional art exhibitions.

El Khoury's colorful drawings are now featured on a playful watch, called Orange Pusher. Figures outlined in black move along the white strap and small orange dots can be seen in the pattern, while a semi transparent orange circle is at the center of the dial.

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