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issue 49 - April/May 2019
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2019
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A Walk in with Style

Patricia Bustos Studio has a brand new project at Casa Decor 2019, an exclusive interior expo that happens every year in Madrid and that ran until early March. The project, called 'Wonder Galaxy', is a daring proposition that will spark nostalgic vibes alongside a new look into futuristic aesthetics.

Wonder Galaxy is an artistic journey that explores the relationship between the future and our past lives as children. '[Wonder Galaxy] is a futuristic dream that explores the relationship between the future and the dream world which brings us back to our childhood,' the studio explains. 'We asked why, as adults, we usually opt to banish fantasies, stop our imagination, and become more serious and formal.' The answer is color. The creator thinks that a vision of the future, when injected with color and a certain surrealist air, can help us recover the creative energy of childhood. They started with pink, the magic color that transforms serious into playful, that modernizes the most classic piece, and refreshes the most sober atmosphere. Wonder Galaxy is a risky and colorful dressing room, inspired by the aesthetics of the 1960s and 70s.

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