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EDIT Napoli A Hive of Talent and Promise

EDIT Napoli will be upon us this June and it's time to start celebrating. A collaboration between designers and local artisans and makers of all sorts, EDITs are a hub of creativity, design flair and talent. They're also a fantastic means by which to discover the best up and coming talent. Here we take a look at the designers who will be showing off their skills this summer.

Movement, Delicacy and Surprise Constance Guisset is a French designer who creates ergonomic, light, and welcoming objects, springing from a desire for movement, delicacy and surprise. In 2009, she founded her studio, and specializes in product and space design. Guisset works with many French and international furniture editors, such as Petite Friture, Molteni&C, La Cividina and ZaoZuo.

Excellence and Tradition Founded in 2003 by Albino Celato and heir to a long tradition in metal manufacturing, De Castelli is now known internationally for merging the language of design, craftsmanship and advanced technologies. Recently, the company has been focusing on collaborations with international architects and on partnerships with famous companies that work in the design field.

Original Talent Lex Pott employs a raw and intuitive method. In his work, he returns to the origin of the materials he uses most: wood, stone and metal. He does not hide his designs under indirect layers, but reduces them to their very essence. Pott works from his design studio and is based in Rotterdam. He graduated cum laude in 2009 from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven.

Nature, Craft, Material and History Atelier Max Lipsey is the workshop of Max Lipsey, an American designer based in Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. After receiving a BA from New York University, he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007. Since 2008, his studio has been a personal platform to develop and self produce his own designs, work with companies on mass production, and reach out to initiate group projects.

Pioneering Spirit Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij is best known for his playful extrusions of reclaimed synthetics. Vander Kooij marries machine and hand in the fostering of honest material expression. His current drive is to apply low resolution 3D printing to furniture production. The texture of this self developed process has since become synonymous with his work. In 2011, the endless chair won acclaim in the form of the Dutch Design Award.

Collaborative Talents, Modern Technologies Nika Zupanc works as an independent designer who is constantly involved in fresh projects that grow out of distinctive interpretations of modern culture, contemporary design and available technological options. Her products are part of the range of distinguished design companies such as Moooi, Se, Moroso and Nodus and she works with prestigious clients on special projects.

Honed, Refined Talent Simone Crestani, born in 1984, is an Italian glass artist and designer based in Vicenza. He started to work glass at Massimo's Lunardon factory when he was 15 and in 2010 opened his own studio, Atelier Crestani, where he developed his own way to work borosilicate glass at the torch. In the last ten years his work has been exhibited in various prestigious spots around the world and he is regularly invited as an instructor and visiting artist to some of the most important glass production centers in the world.

Functional, Innovative, Playful After graduating with a degree in Interior Architecture, Nayef Francis worked across the MENA region honing his skills as an architect before returning to Lebanon to establish his own design practice. His studio specializes in interiors, furniture and lighting, exclusively hand made in Lebanon yet mostly flat packed to travel the world. His design response is intelligent in its function, innovative in its fabrication, and playfully romantic in its appeal.

Bespoke, Custom Growing up in Tyr, South Lebanon, Wael Farran was 'raised by illusions and reality, molded by the music of the world'. In 2000, right after graduation, he founded Wael Farran Studio, a Beirut based interior architecture practice and home of Formitable, a special line of one of kind custom tables.

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