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An Australian Home that Blends Perfectly with its Environment

In search of great design, Neil Cownie's clients gave him the opportunity to provide a holistic design approach and service across architecture, interior design, product design, furniture, artwork selection and landscape. Roscommon House is in conversation with its past, present and future: as a house that reflects the unique attributes of its location, modernist architecture, and ideals of the original subdivision. The end result is a new house at one with the ethos of the suburb with a strong sense of belonging and one where the architecture comes together wonderfully well.

The owners' brief for a mostly single storey home drove Cownie to integrate building and landscape, thereby reducing the impact on site, and embedding the house in its neighborhood. Through the spatial arrangement of courtyards the building incorporates the history of the garden suburb into the house, while the robust exterior materials of the building carry through to the interiors in a seamless interaction between indoor and outdoor living. The interiors embrace the uneven concrete surfaces and are in keeping with the Japanese aesthetic Wabi sabi where beauty is sought from imperfection. Materials have been chosen for their roughness, texture, modesty and acceptance of the beauty in aging. In keeping with the area's Garden Suburb history, landscaping blurs the boundaries of inside and out by the use of pocket courtyards and roof terrace gardens.

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