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issue 50 - 50 June/July 2019
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The Grand Tour Springs to Life in the Midst of Bustling Rome

Atop the Spanish Steps, in the backdrop of a 18th century palazzo, with sublime Roman views, interior designer and architect Tommaso Ziffer has created a contemporary retrospective of the Grand Tour using a bold collection of precious materials, furnishings and unique decorative items in order to create an atmosphere that is both vibrant and timeless in the Hotel de la Ville, Rome, by Rocco Forte Hotels. The lavishness of the 18th century is boldly woven together with Italian fabrics, tapestries, and materials while employing local craftsmen and new design elements through the use of new technologies including digital printing techniques and laser cutting on wallpaper, glass and trellises, not to mention myriad others elements.

Hotel De La Ville is an overall dance of shapes and colors, a purposefully created poetic chaos, creating rooms that are works of art in their own right. Unique pieces have been integrated into the design to evoke the diverse feel of the Grand Tour in both a contemporary and timeless fashion: an imposing marble sarcophagus poses as the concierge desk; a set of miroirs sorcieres playfully adorn the lobby passage; an assortment of Renaissance inspired busts, statues and ruins are on display in the Da Sistina Bistrot; lush jewel toned velvet sofas, reminiscent of old Italian palazzos mingle with the teal colored boiserie. Each and every room is elegantly composed of a collection of items that are eclectic and symbolic of both the past and the present. The rooms are set apart by a tactful variation in wall treatments and color schemes, and by the different personalities created by the design collection each room hosts. The soft and bright colors are uplifted with a mix of styles, some denoting classical art, others unravelling neoclassic details in a modern way.

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