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issue 50 - 50 June/July 2019
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Art, Design and Rejuevenation in Chicago

Suspended between the clouds, but firmly rooted in their surroundings, these executive offices designed by Rome based architectural firm Alvisi Kirimoto occupy the entire 32nd floor of a newly built skyscraper in the lively ex industrial district of West Loop, Chicago. The project is designed to accommodate their client's private offices and showcase part of his art collection and fills an area of 2,600 sq. m, within a 224 meter high building located in the heart of the city, on the bank of the river. The main entrance to the building is located in its structural core, which encompasses all services and facilities. Two opposing rooms are immediately visible upon entry: on one side, the reception area and on the other, the playroom, both characterized by a large window that connects the visitor with the two faces of Chicago: the urban and the territorial.

The interiors feature floor to ceiling natural wood walls, glass partitions and suspended panels, which, depending on the combinations, outline the different work areas. The great flexibility and transparency of the elements allows visitors and employees to enjoy breathtaking views even in the most private areas, which are delimited by opaque surfaces. Wooden walls, which are dematerialized in vertical slats to calibrate the degree of privacy and brightness, characterize the main lines of the project. These constitute the leitmotiv that accompanies the visitor through to the discovery of the Winter Garden, a multi functional double height environment that represents the beating heart of the project.

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