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issue 50 - 50 June/July 2019
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A Russian Car Wash with Stellar Appeal

This, perhaps unique, brief was to create a one off car wash space, one that resembled an art object with a certain wow factor, but at the same time, the car wash had to be a functional space and work as a proper facility. One complicating element was the location Black Star Car Wash is underground and in the city center, this meant that the design team had the problem of low ceilings and the absence of natural light. As a result, the team from GRETAPROJECT planned to visually expand the space and change its geometry.

The concept behind Black Star Car Wash's interior design was a transformation and refraction of the simple geometry of the space by using a distinctively shaped pattern. The idea was brought to life through the combination of the dark graphite colour, bright calligraphic composition, and light installations. Taking into account the facility and function of the car wash and inspired by Wynwood in Miami, GRETAPROJECT created a special calligraphic pattern that consists of the client's name, Black Star, being regularly repeated throughout. The graphic, and at the same time geometric, pattern creates a memorable setting and visually expands the enclosed space. The Black Star brand's symbol is the black sun which was used to create the lighting system in the form of a ring in the washing boxes. As for the entrance zone, the X shaped lighting was installed to form a contrast of symbols. To make the interior more energetic, the linear lamps are located at a 45 degree angle on both sides of the entrance and exit.

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