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issue 50 - 50 June/July 2019
CURVE magazine cover 50 June/July 2019
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D&G Celebrate Rome's Eternal Style

Located at the base of the Spanish Steps within Rome's distinguished Piazza di Spagna, Eric Carlson and his Paris based architecture office Carbondale designed in collaboration with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana the new 800 square meter, two level luxury boutique for the archetypal Italian fashion house. The store's design is a bespoke creation inspired by the shared identity of the city of Rome and Dolce & Gabbana.

The store is designed around 59 columns which unite the various indoor spaces. Upon entering, visitors witness forced perspective, a magical illusion that distorts the perception of depth; three contiguous spaces decrease proportionally in size, ceiling heights, column proportions, and floor patterns to create a magical illusion of depth. Even the dazzling red and gold hand blown Murano glass chandeliers were custom designed in three different scales to accentuate the effect. Embedded into the white Calacatta marble floor is a circular crest of handcrafted stone mosaic tiles. Depicted is the 2000 year old story of the she wolf nursing the reputed founders of the city, Romulus and Remus, represented here like Roman superheroes with a polished brass D and G emblazoned on their chests.

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