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A Clever Split for Flexible Living

Ukrainian firm Maly Krasota Design recently completed a two storey apartment project in Kiev for a large family. In addition to having two small children who needed space for games, the apartment owners often receive guests. Therefore, one of the basic requirements for the design was the possibility to transform the premises according to different scenarios: the space should be convenient for both cozy family evenings and for noisy parties with many friends.

The first floor is divided into hallways, a living room combined with a dining room, a kitchen with a hidden storage room, and guest rooms. On the second floor there are the bedrooms for the parents and children, another wardrobe, a study and a large bathroom. The entrance hall an extended room with a long bench and a spacious dressing room hidden behind the mirrored doors can accommodate a large number of people at once, and also creates a place for storing all sorts of things from bicycles, sledges, and so on. Behind the glass sliding partition are the living room and dining room, the free layout of which allows the space to transform into a place for communication, play, a home cinema and more.

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