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issue 50 - 50 June/July 2019
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Respecting the Past, Embracing the Future

Catalan painter Adalina Coromines, designer Joan Lao, and their daughter, designer Africa Lao sought a unique, personal space where they can connect with nature and live and work sustainably while surrounded by stunning countryside. After crossing the globe looking for the perfect space, they discovered this incredible 17th century Catalan farmhouse not too far from Barcelona, which immediately grabbed their attention. Set upon a 62 acre farm ringed by native cork oaks, holm oaks, chestnut, and walnut trees, the 2,625 square foot building now serves as a painting studio for Coromines, and a creative space for Joan and Africa.

Working together, the family renovated the farmhouse with a modern floor plan that includes reception spaces, meeting rooms, art and design galleries, experimental rooms, living spaces, and areas that can serve as locations for photography shoots. Our project is based on the idea of creating a unique space for living, art, painting, design, meetings, and presentations in one place, said Joan Lao. The core of the project was to restore many of the original materials, including the beautiful stones, clay walls and the original floors as well as untreated wooden beams. Going back in time, some of the walls were plastered in mortar. The entire redesign was based around the desire to make the most of the original structure of the home. However, it being 2019, modern comforts and technologies were incorporated into the design to create the perfect environment for creating and showing artistic works. Joan and Africa Lao were responsible for the creation of the interiors and the choice of textures. Coromines was responsible for the colour scheme and the artwork that adorns the walls. Joan Lao Design Studio also created most of the bespoke furniture and home accessories.

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