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issue 51 - August/September 2019
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2019
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Morning Glory

A Lunch Spot Replete with Style

The second story exterior of the Morning Glory eatery overlooks the Piazza della Famiglia in Little Italy with a facade clad in a high polish copper siding in a shingled chevron pattern with a brass and copper neon egg sign. A visual highlight is the articulating store front in constant motion. The Mary Kay pink painted steel windows bi fold individually and then break horizontally. Underneath the bar height marble top counters is a copper Good Morning sign that is visible from the street below.

On the patio, booth systems include rectangular pink marble table tops with green marble Morning Glory logo inserts, wrapped in copper flat bar with radius corners, and brass table bases. Stainless steel spheres support two tone purple velvet and houndstooth seating. A tiered horizontal channel bolster back descends in shape and is reminiscent of an 80s retro aesthetic. Inside, a proud architectural highlight is the unique custom chandelier soffit, which was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass pieces. The back lit walnut, brass, and acrylic cast rod chandelier installation meets steel painted with automotive copper high gloss. The copper detail carries through into the liquor storage and back bar. On one end, eight walnut and mirror cladded columns feature Frank Lloyd Wright inspired brass cage globe surrounds. The bar face is a red oak trim and rolled brass rods with copper trim underneath a titanium bar top.

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