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issue 51 - August/September 2019
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A Hybrid Piano to Make Heads Turn, the EXXEO is a Work of Art

The incredible EXXEO is a revolutionary Hybrid Piano designed for contemporary spaces. The design team took a giant leap forward in hybrid piano design and technology, breaking free from traditional forms and sounds. Alongside the technological jumps, much of the design team's efforts revolved around updating the piano concept for contemporary environments and modern applications. EXXEO is made from Carbon Fiber Composite instead of resonant wood, which makes it much more resistant to environmental influences, meaning that each piece is a solid, lasting addition to any space. The unique characteristics of this material allow sound to be sustained for a longer period, resulting in a rich and strong overtone.

EXXEO is the only hybrid piano in the world equipped with a dedicated built in battery, this high capacity power unit is mounted in the tail section. It enables the piano to perform up to 20 hours on a single charge. Due to its unparalleled structural rigidity and resistance to moisture, the piano is the perfect fit for spaces exposed to high humidity, like ocean side villas, mega yachts and cruise ships.

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