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issue 51 - August/September 2019
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2019

Welcome Back

by Sofia Alvarado

Welcome Back analyzes pieces of classic furniture lost in time, and brings them to modernity, seeking to resurrect their glory, in a contemporary, futuristic and personal version. The uninhibited use of colors, materials and compositions are reminiscent of the eras of interior design where the possibilities went beyond the basics, creating free, dynamic and fun spaces that express happiness, meticulousness and individuality. At a conceptual level, this collection is a tribute to the freedom of childhood, that which is left behind when entering adulthood.

Fi is an architectural design studio with a focus on small scale furniture and complementary elements. SofÃa Alvarado, architect and founder of Fi, is the creative designer behind the brand / studio, and dedicates her work to taking care of the detail and the human quality of her pieces, through functional design and procuring the best workforce to carry out production.

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