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issue 51 - August/September 2019
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2019
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Conversation is Sparked by a Collaborative Environment

Organic Design Architecture Studio was commissioned by their client, Re SOHKO inc, to create a space that would bring new life (and a new tenant) to the vacant first floor of a 33 year old rental office building. The team responded by designing a free space in one corner of the floor. Because the building has central air conditioning, it was necessary to maintain airflow throughout. The designers researched various materials that would not interfere with airflow, such as perforated panels, mesh, and louvers while also thinking about how they could create a transparent atmosphere to encourage wide ranging intellectual discussion in the space.

The project's title, ReBar, derives from reinforcing bar, the steel bars or mesh typically used to strengthen reinforced concrete. Ordinarily rebar is not visible on the surface, but in this project it encloses the space, serving both a functional and design purpose. The functional role of the rebar is to allow the energy generated by people lecturing and engaging in discussions in the free space to flow through the translucent steel mesh walls, through which people can be both seen and heard. The goal was to inspire and positively impact the office workers on the rest of the floor. The mesh walls also let air and light pass through unobstructed.

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