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issue 51 - August/September 2019
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2019
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Water Babies

A Family Focused Pool Embraces Contemporary Design

Renowned Shanghai based architecture studio X+Living has recently completed a fanciful swimming pool and recreational club for children and parents in Suzhou, China. The client was the Loong Swim Club chain, which has outlets in over 10 major Chinese cities. For its newest 2,200 sqm center in Suzhou, X+Living was briefed to create a space with a streamlined flow, one that targets the habits and preferences of its users, young and old.

As the first space for consumers to enter, the reception area set the tone for the space. A big whale wraps around a column, as if jumping out of the water and the reception desk takes the shape of a ship. The reading area also carries important functions for parents to gather and relax. A couch copies the form of spray and a hollowed out wave in the middle allows readers to sit or lie down. Looking up at the lights in the reading area, round lampshades mimic small sprays of water filling the sky. At the end of the reading area are the swimming pool and the restaurant. A huge water tank on the left side is the core functional area of the entire project: the swimming pool. A walkway is adjacent to the swimming pool, along with seats for the parents to relax on. A window allows parents to observe their children in the pool.

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