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issue 51 - August/September 2019
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2019
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Dreams of Mallorca

Light and Space Bring a Penthouse to Life

Located in one of Beirut's most vibrant districts, Ashrafieh, Mallorca, designed by Askdeco, is a multi level bachelor penthouse apartment that epitomizes the resurgent vibe of a city home to world renowned fashion designers, art galleries, performing arts venues and trendy bistros and cafes. Mallorca features 200m2 of well lit space, with modern lines and a very contemporary decor. Designed in spontaneous flow, the layout reflects functionality tailored to the client's lifestyle needs. From the onset, the client felt that the space might prove restrictive in terms of the functions and comfort he was seeking.

However, in meeting with Askdeco, the designers addressed all aspects of functionality and the client proved very receptive to their proposal of opening up the space. Askdeco's focus turned to creating a more open and light filled space, which required architectural alterations to expand the size of its windows. They added floor to ceiling windows that increased light, offer 360° views overlooking the lively streets below and create a sense of space. At the core of Mallorca's design is the intricacy of its winding staircase, a transitional space connecting all three levels of the panoramic penthouse. Its sculpted design and mutating mesh mirror handrail finish add artistic purpose to its functionality, creating a multi dimensional centerpiece that blends outward with Mallorca's panoramic spaces.

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