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issue 51 - August/September 2019
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2019

Historical, Contemporary Luxury

Hotel Sablon Ancient Bruges Most Exciting Boutique Hotel

Hotel Sablon is the oldest hotel, and one of the trendiest, in the heart of the ancient Belgian city of Bruges. Nights are spent surrounded by history while enjoying true contemporary luxury, all of which results in a unique experience. With wonderfully attentive staff, Sablon is warm and welcoming and well worth a visit. Hotel Sablon offers up a warm and natural atmosphere, a dedicated staff, and a unique interior design as well as an exclusive range of regional products. The hotel stands apart as a testament to Bruges long history. Contemporary, luxurious, the clean lines of the rooms are perfectly complemented by the classic lobby with its gorgeous tiles and selection of paneled rooms which truly give the visitor a sense of history.

Hotel Sablon guides you through the story of Bruges, starting in the 16th century when the city used to be one of the economic and cultural centers of the world. Over the years, the hotel has distinguished itself to guests from all over the globe, by offering them the very best service and attention to detail. With a rich history and an enthusiastic, welcoming staff, Sablon is a modern, trendy boutique hotel and represents the 21st century amid Bruges ancient stones.

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