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issue 52 - October/November 2019
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The Incredible Works of Leah Ring Take us to Other Worlds, and Back Again

Leah Ring is the exciting, creative talent behind Another Human, a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary design studio. Her studio's work is full of playful, enticing lines, innovative materials and a clear sense of direction. Ring's work is inspired by everything from the Memphis Group to outer space and her pieces blur the lines between art and design. Seeking a form of transcendent, idyllic consciousness, Ring's imagination is her limit.

Tell us a little about yourself and ’Another Human’.
I'm a Los Angeles based designer of both furniture and spaces. I started Another Human two years ago, after about a decade of working in high end interior design. I wanted to express my creativity and visual perspective through sculptural and sometimes conceptual furniture and objects, and have been introducing new pieces steadily over the past few years. Recently I have also taken on several interior design projects in my studio, both commercial and residential.

There are a lot of colors and original forms in your designs, can you explain?
I like to push the boundaries of form and materiality with my work, challenging viewers to reconsider their idea of what a chair should be, for example. I often start my design process with a particular color or material I want to use and build out the concept from there. I'm very inspired by the Memphis Group and post modern design in general. I aim for my work to be very fun and playful.

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