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issue 52 - October/November 2019
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Europe's Oldest Glass Mosaic Factory Goes from Strength to Strength with New Additions

Founded in 1964, Hisbalit is the oldest mosaic factory created in Europe. Now, the company is present in over 70 countries where it sets trends in mosaic design, brings innovation to the industry, and provides solutions for a wide range of needs. Each and every Hisbalit product is manufactured using recycled glass and natural pigments, resulting in mosaic tiles that are 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable. Founded in 1964, the company, which is still a family business, has 84 employees. At the beginning, the firm was dedicated to the market of swimming pools and facades. As of 1978, it began to invest heavily in design and innovation to position itself in the decoration market.

Hisbalit adapted to the times without ever losing its values: quality, service and flexibility, the pillars on which the company was born and that 55 years later remain as or more effective than the first day, in addition to a famed commitment to the environment.

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