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issue 52 - October/November 2019
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2019


by Laura Calligari

Laura Calligari's Atelier Macrame project aims to investigate technologies and materials, and to create collections inspired by the simplicity and traditions of the quotidian, created with the support of artisans who express their expertise in contemporary design objects. Each collection tells a story, a suggestion, a memory which starts from afar and materializes in simple objects for everyday use. The tableware Entree is a set of multifunctional tableware, inspired by the patisserie stalwart, the macaroon. The ceramic and turned wood collection is all about colorful pop with precise gilded accents. Poudre is a range of precious mirrors designed as table or wall accessories, and featuring a geometric theme on the rear in scagliola. Luciole is a mirror container with a metal structure and terracotta lid: an object born of the designer's memories of early summers spent at her great grandmother's house, when her uncles and aunts would capture fireflies in a glass, which would then unexpectedly fill with a golden glow.

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