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issue 52 - October/November 2019
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2019
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A Children's Play Area Embraces Whimsical Design

With the increasing demand for consumer experiences, a play area is no longer just a place to entertain, but also a place for parent child interaction and immersive experiences. Designers have abandoned the traditional design approach of relying on finished entertainment facilities, and now build inclusive customer experiences The Meland Club is the perfect example of this.

A mysterious and fantasy starry sky background and a whimsical welcome table, under the superimposed effect of the mirror ceiling, creates a surreal sense of breakthrough for the reception area, which implies that the guests are about to enter a dream city existing only in fairy tales. Following the star tunnel to the shoe changing area, the car shaped shoe cabinets add a dynamic feel to the space, but also quickly mobilize curiosity, attracting attention to the next space.

The interior resembles a city, the houses copying the architectural design of the Potala Palace, increasing the streamlined feel of the entire space. The space adopts a rich and dramatic stage color, which outlines the mystery and grotesqueness of Grimm's fairy tales. With the clock elements scattered in each corner and the huge building blocks descending from the sky, the flow of time is expressed in a concrete design approach, which reminds parents to cherish the time spent with their children.

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