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issue 52 - October/November 2019
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Modern Minimalism Brings Peace in New York

In a noisy, densely overpopulated world full of visual advertisements, non recyclable materials, and an excess of things, people need to find their own Modern Zen, according to designers Z.River.Studio. The Modern Zen project is about introversion, a digital detox, reflections on purity, and mindfulness of choice. It makes people think about what surrounds them and who they are. Modern Zen is a 120m2 apartment with spectacular views over the ultra modern metropolis of New York.

The general space of the apartment is formed on one side by metal wall panels which denote technogenicity and a futuristic direction. This simple and future forward material reflects the blurred forms of the surrounding space. It opens to the observer another dimension of the interior the looking glass. The central element of the living room is biomorphic and monolithic, as exemplified by the On the Rocks sofa in white wool by Edra. The detailed selection of furniture and accessories, such as the Roly Poly Chair designed by Faye TooGood, the Org table by Cappellini in electric blue, a cactus sculpted from stone and the artworks of Hendrik Kerstens gives character to the interior, making it appear futuristic and mysterious.

In the kitchen Z.River.Studio used the 525 Table En Forme Libre by Cassina, the Swan Chair designed by Rick Owens and the W151 Extra Large pendant by Wastberg for general lighting. In the bathroom is the Kangaroo Chair by Pierre Jeanneret, the North floor lamp by Vibia and Bag by Hendrik Kerstens (2007) is on the wall. This portrait of his daughter Paula was made as an ecological comment on the number of plastic bags given away by shops. Kerstens lit and arranged the bag to echo the headdresses often worn by women in Dutch Old Master paintings.

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