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issue 52 - October/November 2019
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2019
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A Vast Repair Hall Becomes a Striking Multi Level Home

Inside a century old structure initially built for automotive assembly and display, Vladimir Radutny Architects renovated a residence that was failing to function properly as a domestic space. In resolving the spatial problems inside this impressive volumetric shell the design team crafted a living environment that evokes mental wellness and inspiration throughout each and every room.

As visitors enter the home through a low, wood clad transition zone, the overwhelming feeling of being inside a large industrial room is very much subdued. Scaled architectural components, material restraint and theatrical lighting lessen the overall spatial dominance, while openness and clarity of space is maintained. Living functions such as laundry, mechanicals and storage are integrated within the built in cabinetry and dispersed strategically throughout the home. Kitchen elements are treated similarly and placed atop a raised platform to elevate one's experience during preparation of meals with views in the direction of the city's most iconic street, Michigan Avenue.

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