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issue 14 - June/July 2013
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2013


Marwan Chamaa's art spans over three decades of thematic interpretations of the world around him. It is fundamentally his view of the world as he sees it with an ironic and sometimes sarcastic undertone. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, raised in Munich, Germany, and having lived in the United States for more than a decade, exposed him to different cultures and formed him into the eclectic versatile artist he is today, viewing the world and interpreting it through very diverse mediums.

His background in graphic design/ fine arts and interest in the consumer world led him to co-found with two college mates Art Factory, a graphic design production house that served as a vehicle for launching creative ideas in the advertising world. Today Art Factory serves as the engine behind various creative projects.

Throughout his career, his surroundings manifested themselves in his work. His physical world is his muse. La Dolce Vita was born from the intertwinement of the vastness of the consumer billboards with the subject matter of our world today.

The series weaves the components of our world with a little dash of retro nostalgia. It is a series of 12 collage paintings that flow from one canvas to the next to form a 22 meters mural. The series depicts our world in terms of globalization: from the luxury labels and brands, fast food culture, our obsession with the physical external beauty and fancy expensive material objects, to the self-indulgence of our time. It is an illustrated narrative of a romantic story set against the backdrop of a decadent metropolis starring characters representative of our time.

Marwan's natural progression to use this descriptive narrative painting as an interpretation of his surroundings leaves the audience discussing and interpreting what La Dolce Vita represents to each and every one of them. Although the story is set in Beirut, it could easily be transposed to any cosmopolitan city.

It is the story of an 'It' girl in dire pursuit of the glamorous lifestyle, La Dolce Vita. However, in Marwan Chamaa's narrative painting, there is a twist and drama to be found in the plot, a back-stage love story that keeps the audience guessing the outcome might be. La Dolce Vita series is a sign of our times. A contemporary synopsis of this generations' materialistic fascination with this glamorous lifestyle no matter what the cost is.

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