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issue 21 - August/September 2014
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2014


Jason Phillips Hammers Out One Distinctively Sculpted Piece After the Next

The statuesque beauties of U.S. based designer Jason Phillips pack a punch, for they have brains too. "Bandit", while a strikingly decorative piece, takes on a new form whenever rotated. It sends a message about individuality over uniformity or the notion of fitting a single mold. Meanwhile, Phillips' jaw-dropping, gravity-defying "Corocotta Table" owes its name to a first century B.C. warrior leader who united dispersed clans against the invading Roman armies. As for Quantum, the design that generates the most inquiries and attention bar none, it is a dining table that imagines the movement or path of subatomic particles.

Historical, literary and artistic allusions are the standard in the work of the young designer who has a solid base in both industrial design and art. Born into a furniture manufacturing family, Phillips' good fortunate has made him a seasoned global traveler with a unique frame of reference.

Frequently setting off to the Far East and Southeast Asia has given him a great sensitivity and appreciation for the exotic and the non-Western, for craftsmanship as well as traditional skill. And so, today the highpoint of his work process is when he directly collaborates with artisans in small workshops to hand-fabricate his computer generated designs. The byproduct of a synthesis of talent, experience and training, Phillips' dazzling creations have an undisputed edge. His abundantly distinctive concepts are chiseled to perfection time and again.

There’s always a touch of humor and fancy in your designs. Why do you imbue your pieces with such qualities every time?
I guess it's just in my nature. I am self-deprecating by nature, so I'll crack jokes about myself. I don't take things too seriously, but I am very focused and attentive. I have been fortunate enough to always design for myself, and lucky to be able to find demand for the work I put out there. This has given me freedom and consistency.

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