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issue 38 - June/July 2017
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2017
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A New Take on Urban Design

     Superbenches is an urban design installation overseen by designer Felix Burrichter which brings unique park benches to life as part of the regeneration of the Swedish municipality of Jarfalla, outside of Stockholm.
Ice Cream and Education Go a Long Way

     Residing in LA’s art district, the Museum of Ice Cream welcomes visitors to enjoy an experiential ice cream journey. The Museum of Ice Cream captivated a global audience with its unprecedented 2016 launch in New York City, selling out in five days and attracting a waiting list of over 200,000. The Los Angeles location is four times larger than the New York City incarnation and showcases 10 completely reimagined installations.
Sissi: A Modern Viennese Chair with Contemporary Elements

     Lines, light and curves, this beautiful piece, the Sissi, is a modern take on a European masterpiece. A contemporary chair, it exudes a sense of lightness and style. Here we speak to designer Roberto Palomba and take a look at a brand new iconic of design.
Lalique’s Vision for the Future

     Curve speaks to Silvio Denz, owner of the renowned crystal and jewelery manufacturer Lalique S.A., about his love of the brand, luxury and the finer things in life. With a background in perfume, Denz was a passionate collector of Lalique long before he acquired the company on Valentine’s Day in 2008. Since then the company has focused on the creation of a complete lifestyle brand.
Architecture, Design, Carpets and Culture in the Heart of Milan

     Bringing art and culture to the people of Milan, Studio Ossidiana’s beautiful creations seek to highlight theoretical concepts and ideas, spaces and objects. Inspired by Persian art and carpets, the pieces talk of a conceptual idea of outdoor spaces and architecture. Titled Petrified Carpets, the installation was shown in the courtyard of SIAM (Societa di Incoraggiamento Arti and Mestieri), in a venue curated by Federica Sala and coproduced by 5VIE.
Beirut Design Week 2017: Challenging Conventions and Conceptions

     Beirut Design Week 2017 focused on how designers and their creations can challenge the norm, push social change and be a force for good. Going from strength to strength, Beirut Design Week continues to grow and each year it presents interesting concepts and ideas around the world of art and design. Architects, product designers, graphic designers and fashion designers all define ’design’ in a different way. The mission of this year’s Beirut Design Week was to encourage all designers to question and debate their craft beyond commercialization and marketing luxury goods to explore new options, to look for new collaborations, and to dare to explore work outside their comfort zone.
Consideration, Concentration, Conversation: A Work for the Curious

     Light, sociability and individuality, three driving forces in the development of our species. Encontros shows us the power of the individual, their love of conversation and thought. A clever series, it is nevertheless thoughtful. Encontros from Arturo Alvarez is a group of anthropomorphic, slender and impressive figures.
Angles, Textures and Leather Come Together to Create Structural Skin

     Made from leftovers and off cuts these remarkable leatherwork collections capture the imagination. Made by Jorge Penades, Structural Skin is a clever series, one full of promise and testament to the skill and vision of the artist. Structural Skin explores the nature of flat surfaces, using leather off cuts left over from production in the leather industry.
An Ode to a Grandfather Creates Unique Art

     Sandrino the Butcher is the first art design project by Visionnaire, conceived by the designer Alessandro La Spada. The installation is part of the Art Partners initiative by Harrods, aimed at celebrating excellence of contemporary design, by fostering cooperation between luxury brands and renowned creatives.
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