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issue 38 - June/July 2017
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2017
Trend Focus
Samer Al Ameen

     Lebanese designer Samer Al Ameen was present at this year’s Milan Design Week, showcasing a series of glass pieces. Out of the Box is a side table that doubles up as a box ; inspired by the humble cardboard box, it features transparent elements and reverses the traditional use of the old battered container. Lucky Stripe is a dynamic hybrid that combines a desk and a side table, made from black metal and transparent glass. From Dusk to Dawn is a series of five tables all of which are of a different height with colored glass on top.
Studio Swine for COS

     For this year’s edition of design week, COS has partnered with Studio Swine, an artistic collaboration between Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves. Murakami and Groves created an immersive, multi sensory experience entitled New Spring in a former theater for this year’s Salone de Mobile. The installation centered around a focal sculpture reaching six meters in height and constructed nearly entirely from recycled aluminum. The sculpture emits mist filled blossoms that burst on contact with skin but that survive when met with textured fabrics, allowing visitors the chance to interact with the installation. Stunning, natural, this was an impressive display.
MAD Architects for Sawaya & Moroni

     Conceived as a unit within a family, Mogu, by MAD Architects, is designed to be aggregated into social arrangements when supporting the needs of multiple users, allowing for alternate readings of its form. Designed for Sawaya and Moroni, the piece is characterized by a gentle but ambiguous topography, the chair allows for a liberal interpretation of use that subverts the conventionally straight forward relationship between a chair and its user, and invokes the sensation of a resting place found in a natural environment.

     Lensvelt, a Dutch office and project furniture manufacturer, recently won a prestigious Milano Design Award for Best Concept for the second time. Titled ’May I Have Your Attention Please?’ , the company’s winning installation presented the Maarten Baas 101 chair, designed by Maarten Baas for Lensvelt. Simple, elegant, the tall Maarten Baas 101 is a welcome addition to the drab interiors we’re all too used to.
Louis Vuitton

     Designed in 2011, the Objets Nomades collection keeps alive the long tradition of Vuitton’s creation of wonderful travel articles. Some of the world’s most famous designers have imagined amazing travel inspired objects, which were then made by Louis Vuitton. This year, two new designers have participated in the project : India Mahdavi and Tokujin Yoshioka. Mahdavi’s stunning Talisman table oozes a sensual, handcrafted style that speaks of old world traditions and skills. Yoshioka’s Blossom stool is a contemporary, luxurious piece that screams of opulence and design.
Emilio Nanni and Francesco Faccin for Billiani

     Billiani presented a wide range of pieces and collections during this year’s 2017 Furniture Fair, with new designs from creatives such as Emilio Nanni and Francesco Faccin. The first piece is a re release of the Marcel coffee table from 1974 and a range of stunning seating in the Puccio series designed by Nanni and Faccin. Other highlights include updates to the Grapevine series of tables designed by Egidio Panzera and the Spy and Sey seats.
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