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issue 39 - August/September 2017
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2017
Inspire Project
A Stylish Tipple Before Take Off

     Famed firm Snohetta has designed a unique bar and interior concept for the expansion of Oslo Airport. Located centrally in the new domestic terminal, the playful design of Norgesglasset draws inspiration from its namesake, the Norgesglasset jar, a classic product long used for pickling and storing food familiar to many Norwegian homes. For over 25 years, Snohetta has designed some of the world’s most notable public and cultural projects since coming into creation in 1989 with the competition winning entry for the new library of Alexandria, Egypt. This was later followed by the commission for the Norwegian National Opera in Oslo among other projects.
A Contemporary Setting for Contemporary Food

     Abu Dhabi’s Switch restaurant was designed by legendary creative Karim Rashid. Found in the Emirate’s Wharf district, Switch is part of the Independent Food Company and represents a coming together of great food and great ambience. Rashid’s signature elements are all there and Switch is full of soft curves and inviting lines and is home to pieces of furniture designed by the famed Egyptian designer. A fantastic spot to eat, this is modern minimalism at its very best.
Sophisticated Style Makes a Hotspot Pop

     Sitting in the heart of Sydney’s chic CBD and directly above Alpha, one of the country’s finest restaurants, lies Beta, an incredibly stylish destination bar that oozes class and sophistication. Designed by DS17, Beta represents one of the finest venues in Australia’s increasingly hip Sydney. Architecture meets signature, statement design to create a modern, engaging space that finds revelers in the heart of the city.
A Mexican Ice Cream Parlor Blows the Mind

     Gelatoscopio is a Mexican ice cream shop inspired by the search for the most fun and authentic way to connect with your emotions in order to discover a fantastic reality through flavors, textures and aromas that transport you to memorable moments. Created by a team of dessert and design lovers, it seeks to become a reference point through a delicious, unique and different experience for everyone. The image provoked by Gelatoscopio is not just a visual impression; it is a pure creation of the imagination through the senses. This taste image is produced by the contrast of ice cream flavors. By evoking various emotions that harmonize with our own experience, we explore joy and happiness.
A Post Apocalyptic Den

     This branch of Bar & Beyond in Sheffield pushes the limits, creating a sense of urban apocalypse and featuring some edgy, unique design elements. The merger of a bespoke, hipster inspired bar and an affordable chain bar, Bar & Beyond imbues a sense of style in every location. Designed by Keane and owned by Deltic Leisure, the company proves that living on a budget doesn’t necessarily limit your design options. Certainly unique, at least in the UK, Bar & Beyond offers up affordable prices, great interiors and a fantastic, quirky vibe.
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