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issue 40 - October/November 2017
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Keiichi Tanaami: One of Japan’s Modern Greats on Show in Moscow

     Keiichi Tanaami’s Land of Mirrors offers a wonderful window into the world of a genius. A leading example of Japan’s Pop Art scene, Tanaami’s work will be on show at Moscow’s Gary Tatintsian Gallery. Keiichi Tanaami is one of the leading pop artists of postwar Japan and has been active as a multi genre artist since the 1960s as a graphic designer, illustrator, video artist and fine artist. Tanaami was born in Tokyo in 1936. He was 9 years old when Tokyo was bombed during the Great Tokyo Air Raid of World War II in 1945.
Traditional Crafts Create a Contemporary Collection

     Two independent designers, Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati, recently came together to work on a project entitled ’Quintessence’. This beautiful little series of furniture is the result. Inspired by traditional Moldovan and Romanian craftsmanship, Quintessence tugs at the heartstrings. The design duo started by studying the natural materials available in their countries and around the areas they came from in order to understand regional crafts and techniques. They discovered that natural materials are hard to find, despite the clear benefits of using woods, leathers and natural cords.
Whimsy and a Light Touch Result in a Most Natural Beauty

     Three Danish design firms have come together to create a most captivating series of prints. Beautiful, delicate shapes within a classic Moebe frame, Floating Leaves are a whimsical wonder. Three Copenhagen based design companies; Moebe, Paper Collective and Norm Architects, have collaborated to present a remarkable collection full of delicate shapes, and natural inspiration. Made from photographs of leaves, Floating Leaves are made from UV prints on transparent foil.
Natural Beauty Comes to the Fore

     Designed by Jin Choi and Thomas Shine of Choi + Shine Architects, The Urchins, captures the imagination, delivering viewers to another world of delicate beauty and artistry.
Concepts, Simplicity and a Certain Whimsy Inspires the Work of Tadao Cern

     Tadao Cern is an artist who takes a different approach. His Hanging Paintings illustrate his work perfectly and have grabbed our attention. Made from metal and dyed fabrics, they are exactly what their name suggests, only they aren’t paintings. Made from hanging pieces of cloth, these ’paintings’ are simply beautiful and intimate. There is no purpose, no message, according to the Cern, they simply are. The inspiration is equally simple, his mother’s clothes hanging in her wardrobe when Cern was a child. Row after row of hangers suspending all manner of fabric clearly left an indelible mark, one that he has returned to.
Fragile and Perfect, Pippa Dyrlaga’s Paper Cut Pieces Take the Breath Away

     Pippa Dyrlaga is a paper cutting artist based in Yorkshire, England. Having spent much of her early life living on a river boat, Dyrlaga holds great respect and love for wildlife. Fascinated by birds and nature, Dyrlaga focuses on natural beauty and the wonder of the wild in her work. Working from a home studio, Dyrlaga’s pieces range in size from ten centimeters to two meters high. She mostly uses a single, clean sheet of white paper for her work and will first draw out a simple guide for the layout of the image.
A Korean Folktale Inspires the Creative Process

     Designer Jiyoun Kim and his eponymous studio recently created 24 Dokkaebi stools as part of the Hangang Art Park project in Seoul, Korea. The event’s theme was ’resting’ and Kim created a unique take on the concept. Hangang Art Park was launched by Seoul’s leadership as an attempt to introduce local art into public spaces across the city, specifically the parks alongside the Han river. Four creators, each working in different areas, were carefully selected by the city of Seoul, Jiyoun Kim was one of the four.
A Royal Gathering Marrying Classic Elements and Contemporary Details

     Designer and artist Edoardo Tresoldi recently teamed up with Designlab to create a series of artworks for a royal event in Abu Dhabi. Attended by 1,900 guests of the royal family, the 7,000 square meter scenographic space simply blows the mind. The exclusive event, which was attended by guests from across the Middle East, required three months of work, planning and development.
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